The OFFTRAX Feenix was born from years of R&D in the off road camper industry.
​Designed and manufactured from the ground up in Queensland Australia! OFFTRAX Campers believe in Quality not quantity, they are not interested in mass production, and pride themselves on attention to detail. 


Check out the great set of features on this van. 

Chassis – Drawbar

The OFFTRAX Feenix Chassis is the foundation of our camper trailer. Manufactured out of Australian BluScope Steel and is hot dipped galvanized to provide you years of corrosion resistance in the harsh Australian environment. The chassis / drawbar is not your ordinary “ladder chassis”. It is one continuous full length design for ultimate strength . Our chassis / drawbar design has a 100x100x6mm central beam running from the hitch point all the way back to the suspension to prevent any twisting in the drawbar. The central beam is also extendable to accommodate tray back utes or SUV’s with barn style doors that require a longer drawbar. Recovery point is through the central 50mm hitch receiver which is interconnected all the way through to the central beam. The chassis has been strategically designed to accommodate “Fabricated Pan Inserts” which form part of the trailer body. These Pan Inserts are to house the batteries and water tanks internally in the belly of the body which is technically below the chassis rails which assists immensely to lower the trailers center of gravity giving a more stable and safe ride in extreme conditions. 

Chassis Specifications:

  • Central Beam – 100x100x6mm
  • Main Rails – 100x50x4mm 
  • Cross & Stiffener Members – 100x50x4mm
  • Outriggers – 100x50x3mm
  • 50mm Hitch Receiver / Recovery Point


When it came to selecting the suspension for the OFFTRAX Feenix we just couldn’t go past the Iconic All-Terrain Cruisemaster XT Suspension. Australian made for Australian conditions was top priority for us. We wanted a suspension that will withstand punishment and that performed well on road and off-road. So our reason for independent trailing arm suspension over leaf springs was an obvious choice for us after years of R&D with solid axle and leaf spring suspensions. 
To be honest we have no issue with a leaf spring setup…… its robust, easy to repair in the bush (if you’re a “bush-mechanic”) and has been tried and tested for years.
However and that’s a big HOWEVER! If you are towing a trailer you will have no idea what the trailer is enduring while you are trying to find the right speed to negotiate over the terrain. One needs to think past the actual suspension fitted just for robustness or simplicity. There are many other factors to take into account when designing a camper trailer that will endure many hours of torture off-road and especially over 100s of kilometer’s of corrugations. Its all fair and well to design the structure of a trailer strong enough to accommodate the hard bouncy ride of a leaf spring suspension but how do you accommodate for all the other components like door hinges, door latches, awning and tent mounts and of course  accessories (drawer slides, electrics, gas hot water system, plumbing and the list goes on) fitted to the trailer that takes an absolute hammering from a stiffer/harder suspension? The continuous and repeated application of a load
 Cyclic loading” (fluctuating stresses, strains, forces, tensions, etc.) on a material or on a structural component that causes degradation of the material and ultimately leads to fatigue and failure. This is the reason why we have fitted Cruisemaster, its not only tough as nails but also soft on the rest of your gear and manufactured right here in Australia.
We have also spec’d up to Cruisemaster 12″ drum brakes (not 10″) which increases the stub and bearing capacity to 2.5T instead of 1.8T. Coupled with the Do35 hitch, you have the ultimate running gear available on the market.


  • Cruisemaster XT 1.6T Independent Suspension with Dual HD Shocks
  • Cruisemaster 12 inch  Electric Drum Brakes (Rated to 2.5T)
  • Cruisemaster Do35 Off Road Coupling with Integrated Hand Brake
  • Heavy Duty Chassis Mounted Spare Wheel Swing Arm
  • 3x 17″ Fuel Assault Black Alloy Wheels (139.7 PCD – “0” Offset
  • 3x 265/70R17 Nitto Trail Grappler MT Tyres (Can option up to 33″ 285/70R17)
  • ALKO HD Jockey Wheel
  • 2x ALKO Rear Stabiliser Legs


The complete body and doors of the OFFTRAX Feenix is manufactured out of 5005 3mm Aluminium, all laser cut and CNC bent to precise accuracy.  
The body is assembled using different procedures, from welding to automotive structural flexible adhesive, 6.4mm structural rivets and stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts for ultimate durability, flexibility and strength! The body is fully powder coated inside and out with exterior UV stabilized Dulux powder. The laser cut stone protection aluminium checker plate trims and aluminium decals on doors are all anodised for longevity.
Deep panel doors are supported on Australian made custom 304 stainless steel offset hinges, custom stainless steel compression locker arms and automotive pinch weld rubber seals will provide unsurpassed dust sealing on those outback roads. Our door compression arms provide an even amount of “inward pressure” (of around 30%), all around the door seal for optimum performance and puts no strain on the door hinges.

  • Standard colour in Magnetic Grey (Other colour options available)


When it comes to storage the The OFFTRAX Feenix has an abundance of it to your disposal with over 2500 litres of storage capacity utilized over 9 separate compartments. Massive rear full extension storage drawers with adjustable inserts to keep things neat and in its place. Each drawer runs on heavy duty 227kg capacity (locking slides). There are also two large additional storage compartments on the drivers side for more bulkier items like chairs, a Porta Potti or even 2x 20lt Jerry Cans to carry that extra water for off-grid camping. Up at the front of the nosecone is an additional storage compartment “nosecone Facade” where solar panels and other flat long items can be stored. 


  • Under Drawer Slide for Camping Table
  • Rimex Stainless Steel Camping Table – Aluminium Frame (700mm Wide x 1130mm Long x 670mm High)


On the passenger side of the camper you will find the “Hub” of this beauty with a comprehensive kitchen. The front nosecone compartment is where the 60lt National Luna Dual Zone fridge freezer slides out from, this provides us with that extra kitchen storage that’s always required. There is ample pantry space with two good size pantry drawers that are fitted high to ensure the large flush mounted Rimex stainless steel benchtop provides a clear work space while prepping that great Aussie tucker. On the left of the large benchtop you will find the convenient slide out kitchen that is super functional.
The 2 burner stove with grill is housed in a “sunken” Rimex stainless steel insert to keep the top of the stove at the same workable level as the benchtop. On the right of the cooktop is the drop in stainless steel washtub with glass lid to use as extra bench space if required. The integrated swing up / fold down tap is plumbed with hot water for convenience. On the left of the cooktop there is an additional “Weber Under Slide” to place the Optional Baby-Q on which is also finished in Rimex stainless steel. The Baby-Q can be used facing either direction so if its facing the front of the trailer, the fridge is within arms reach to grab a cold one while grilling up those steaks! And when all is done the Baby-Q can be stored in the dedicated Weber Storage Slide which is above the slide out kitchen and can be strapped down to ensure it does not tumble around while hitting those bumpy tracks…. 


  • Slide Out Kitchen (on 227kg capacity slides) – Includes: 2 burner stove and grill with stainless steel drop in Washtub with plumbed hot water 
  • Weber Under Slide bench (Rimex Stainless) (on 35kg capacity slides)
  • Weber Storage Slide (on 227kg capacity slides) with Tie Down Points 
  • 2x Pantry Drawers (on 35kg capacity slides)
  • Large Rimex Benchtop
  • Fridge Slide (on 227kg capacity slides)


  • 60lt National Luna Dual Zone Fridge Freezer
  • Weber Baby-Q

Well, when it comes to the brains of the OFFTRAX Feenix it would have to be THE POWER OF REDARC“. The OFFTRAX is fitted out with the state of the art REDARC RedVision TVMS (Total Vehicle Management System) as standard. The RedVision replaces the traditional style rocker switches and bulky switch panels. The RedVision distribution box provides us with 10 output circuits which is fantastic. With RedVision you have TOTAL CONTROL of individual light switching (Kitchen Lights, Tailgate Light, Awning Light, Tent Lights, 12v sockets etc) all at your fingertips or palm of your hand as the RedVision connects to your smartphone via an App. Tracking information from batteries state of charge, current draw, charge (vehicle, solar or 240) input, water tank levels, fridge temperature etc is also done though the Manager30 BMS combined with RedVision and again all the information is available on the handy App as well. 

Each storage compartment (excluding gas locker) on the camper is fitted with a 18+12 dimmable bicolour National Luna LED lights. On the exterior there are 3x NARVA 12v sockets and 2x Dual 2.5A NARVA USB sockets (Dust & Waterproof) to keep all the gadgets charged up or to run additional exterior lighting. 


  • REDARC RedVision & Manager 30 (30A DC/DC – Solar Charging – 240v Charging – Water Level Monitoring – 2x Temperature Sensors for fridge etc)
  • RedVision Screen on Swing out Mount
  • AGM Power Batteries (2x 110 amp/h)
  • 15amp 240v input plug (for charging batteries)
  • Anderson Plugs (for charging batteries) – 1x vehicle and 1x solar
  • Anderson Plug (output) – for external use like portable diesel heater
  • 3x 12v CIG Sockets (NARVA – water and dust proof)
  • 2x Dual 2.5A USB Inputs (NARVA – water and dust proof)
  • Power to tent (if tent is selected) via Anderson plug and wired into RedVision


  • Lithium Power Batteries Upgrade (2x 110 amp/h or 2x 135 amp/h)
  • 200w Solar Mat with 5m Extension
  • L.E.D 10w Work Light (Fitted on top of roof above kitchen slide out)
  • REDARC Inverter (Size dependents on what it will be used for) – (Batteries may need to be upgraded to Lithium)


​The OFFTRAX Feenix comes standard with 2x 65l poly water tanks each with a 150mm inspection/maintenance port, this is a great feature to allow access to the inside of the tank for cleaning etc. The water tanks are fitted internally below the rear bottom drawer. The body and chassis is strategically designed to accommodate the water tanks which essentially sits inside a drop in pan that forms part of the body. The bottom of the tanks sit below the chassis rails and directly over the axle. 
All water plumbing is run internally to ensure nothing can be damaged while off road. Only John Guest fittings are used throughout! There are two tank selectors in the passenger side rear bottom compartment which also houses a quality Shurflo water pump and fire extinguisher. 

On the driver side of the OFFTRAX Feenix there are 3x “water grade” quick connects for the Joolca gas hot water system and shower hose. The hot water has a return feed back to the kitchen washtub for convenience. Also on the drivers side at the rear is a large (1.3m x 1.0m) instant drop down shower. (Shower can only be fitted as standard to the Camp King Tent)

As standard there are 2x 4kg gas bottle holders in the dedicated vented gas bottle locker. The gas line is plumbed to 2x external bayonet connections making gas connections for the stove and Joolca easy work, there is no need to remove and carry around a gas bottle to hook up the stove each time. 


  • ​2x 65lt Water Tanks (Includes tank selectors)
  • Shurflo water pump
  • John Guest fittings throughout
  • Joolca gas hot water system
  • 3x Quick connect water fittings (water grade) 
  • Hot water plumbed to kitchen
  • Gas plumbing (includes 2x bayonet connections, 2x SS braided gas hoses and gas certification)
  • 2x 4kg gas bottle holders


  • 2x 4kg Gas Bottles      (Please let us know if we can assist with any special requirements)
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